PhD Student Position in the Quantum Optics and Quantum Simulators Group

The positions are within the Quantum Optics and Quantum Simulators Group lead by Dr. Dimitris G. Angelakis in the Centre of Quantum Technologies (CQT) ( The group’s research interests span most aspects of theoretical quantum physics and its applications in implementing quantum computation and quantum simulations. 

The PhD projects will involve the study of current or near future quantum platforms such superconducting qubits, cold ions and atoms and quantum nano-photonic devices for building quantum simulators and quantum computers to tackle problems in materials science, chemistry, finance and business sector. The projects will be theoretical, but involve collaboration with leading worldwide experimental groups for the implementation part. Projects will involve analytical and numerical work combining quantum physics and quantum information tools as well as algorithm design and quantum machine learning approaches. 

The candidates should have a solid undergraduate background in Physics and ideally have some knowledge of quantum optics and basic aspects of quantum information/condensed matter. They should be within the top 5% of students in their year. A strong background in quantum physics and in using numerics for simulating physical problems will be a plus as also participation in international competitions such as Math or Physics Olympiad for example. Exposure in Atomic, Molecular, Optical physics and/or quantum information at the level of an MSc course is also an advantage. 

The current group consists of two postdocs three PhD students, and one MSc student. We are in close contact with other theory and experimental groups in CQT and have ongoing strong collaboration with leading experimental and theory groups in Europe and the US. These PhD positions will be CQT based with opportunities to visit the corresponding collaborators’ groups. The positions are fully funded and include travel funds and funds for buying a computer and books. 

The positions are available as soon as possible and we accept applications until a suitable candidate is found. Inquiries should be first sent by email to before applying via the official channel. They should contain a detailed CV, a one page motivation letter and the contact details (email) of three referees.

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