Postdoctoral Fellow in Brain Function

A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available in the Cleveland Clinic Neuroscience Deparment

The research goal is to understand the anatomical and functional organization of the meninges and their impact on physiological and pathological brain function, with a hope to develop new strategies to prevent, treat and cure neurological disorders.

The candidate will focus on understanding the role of the meningeal lymphatic vasculature in brain maturation in normal and disease rodent models.

Our lab is seeking highly motivated, independent, curious and creative individuals with a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree with laboratory expertise in neuroscience and/or immunology and/or bioinformatics or related fields. Experience in animal experiment is strongly recommended. Candidates are expected to lead a project and establish a collaborative research and must have excellent verbal and written communication skills

Please send your curriculum vitae and contact information for 3 references to Dr Antoine Louveau at louveaa@ccf.orf