Postdoctoral Fellow in Information Society


Together, the Department of Computer Science (CS) and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) at the Aalto University School of Science are looking for a

Postdoctoral Researcher in Information Society (Helsinki, Finland)

The three-year postdoc position is affiliated with the Information Networks study programme. The programme is a bachelor and master’s level programme focusing on educating multi-disciplinary tech-savvy software engineers who also understand the societal aspects of their profession. The programme is a well-established joint programme between the two departments mentioned above.

The goal of this postdoc position is to bring social science or behavioral science expertise into the programme’s teaching and strategic planning. The information Networks programme works primarily by relying on the teaching, research and expertise of the two departments (CS and IEM). It has not had research of its own. With this postdoc position this would change.

To complement the existing research areas in the two departments we are looking for social science researcher who has worked with information technology and is familiar with software design and engineering, as well as data business and strategies in general. In other words, we are looking for an academic who understands the contemporary information society from the perspective of social sciences as well as the perspective of digital technology and business. We are especially interested in a researcher who is an expert is in qualitative research.

This position provides a unique open setting for an ambitious researcher. Due to the setup mentioned above, the position has very few strings attached. We are not looking for a specific topic in a narrow area. In contrast, we are looking for a motivated person who understands social sciences and technology, and who wants to contribute to high quality teaching by doing high quality academic research.

However, the position would have the networks, support and resources of the two internationally renowned departments, Computer Science and Industrial Engineering and Management. As a researcher, you will benefit from collaborating with leading scholars in the fields of the departments, the university’s generous research support, extensive international networks, and excellent access to entrepreneurs and decision makers in the private and public sectors.

The environment of the two departments provides you with an exceptional variety of opportunities to conduct empirical and conceptual research of technology use, business, and/or innovation. We give you the opportunity to learn more about university pedagogy and appreciate your interest in the topic. Join our world-class research community and seize the many benefits that come with living and working in one of Europe’s leading capital cities and centers of learning and education.


The main responsibility would be the ability to conduct high-quality research and publish papers in the leading scientific journals in your area of expertise.

In addition, you would participate in the supervision of students (i.e., bachelor’s and master’s thesis supervision) and teaching one or two courses. Especially, there are current needs in teaching related to the digital society and its phenomena, as well as social science methodology and thinking applied to software engineering students.


The candidate should have a Ph.D. in social sciences, behavioral sciences, or technology in the broad area of information society (preferably the doctorate degree has been granted in 2014 or later). Good command of English is a necessary prerequisite. We are looking for an expert in qualitative research, but it is not a prerequisite. Also, experience in teaching and thesis supervision is highly valued. Needless to say, the candidate should be happy to work with computer scientists, engineers and management scholars.

Compensation, working hours and place of work

The salary is competitive at the European level. In addition to the salary, the contract includes occupational health benefits, and Finland has a comprehensive social security system. The annual total workload of teaching staff at Aalto University is 1 624 hours. The position is located at the Aalto University Otaniemi campus, Espoo, Finland

Application material and procedure

The application material for the position should be submitted in English, including at least the following documents:

  • a cover letter explaining your motivations for this position
  • a curriculum vitae (with contact details)
  • a list of publications (with the most significant publications highlighted)
  • a postdoctoral research statement describing plans for future research
  • contact information of two senior academics willing to give more information OR up to three letters of recommendation

Applications with attachments (in pdf-format) are to be addressed to the Dean of Aalto University, School of Science and submitted through the link “Apply for this job” below no later than 31 May 2019. We hope that the chosen candidate could start 1 September, 2019. However, the starting date for the positions is negotiable.

Short-listed candidates may be invited for an interview on the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University in Espoo or for an online interview. The candidates must have completed their PhD degree before the start of the contract period, and preferably not earlier than year 2014. Should there be a lack of eligible outstanding applicants, the application period may be extended. While all applicants who have submitted an application by the deadline will be appropriately considered, Aalto University reserves the right to consider also other candidates for the announced position.

About Finland

Finland has a high standard of living, a world leading education system, and a vibrant commercial and cultural life. It enjoys a robust economy and political stability. It has excellent transport links to the major cities of Europe and beyond. Helsinki is one of Europe’s leading capital cities and a vivid center of scholarship. As a living and working environment, Finland is consistently ranked highly in quality-of-life and competitiveness studies. It is the best country in the world to live according to a Newsweek 2010 study. More information is available at:

Further information

  • Risto Sarvas, Professor of Practice,  e-mail “” (position related information)
  • HR Coordinator, Laura Kuusisto-Noponen, e-mail “” (application process, practical arrangements)