Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Metabolism

Do you or someone you know flush after they drink alcohol?  Further, how does alcohol flushing impact human health?

The Eric Gross laboratory at Stanford University is seeking a postdoctoral scholar to study the effects of aldehyde production and metabolism in the basic science laboratory.  Through a NIH funded grant, our laboratory is developing precision anesthesia strategies in the basic science laboratory which ultimately can be translated and implemented to the clinic during surgery.  We have unique tools to study aldehyde production and metabolism including knock-in mice, experimental drugs to boost aldehyde metabolism, and cutting edge assays to quantify aldehydes.  There can also be opportunity to translate findings and perform human volunteer studies.

The Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative, and Pain Medicine is part of the School of Medicine at Stanford University.  We have a continued excellence in anesthesiology research and consistently rank in the top 5 NIH funded schools in the United States.  To apply for the position, send an email which includes a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and contact information for three references to Eric Gross (